Fierce Daybreaker Khepri


The divine Khepri controls the rising sun at daybreak and is said to be a part of the greater sun god Ra. Though wild and violent, he despises mistakes. He is displeased by Ra's schemes to control the sun, and Ra seems wary of Khepri as well. Suddenly, Ra's hired assassin attacks Khepri, piercing his heart and driving him toward the abyss of death.


Added on as a part of Gladiator Impact Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Khepri (also spelled Khepera, Kheper, Khepra, Chepri) is a god of rebirth, the sunrise and scarab in ancient Egyptian religion. Khepri is often represented as a scarab, or a scarab-headed man, holding aloft the morning sun. He was a sun deity subordinate to the greater sun god Ra. Often, Khepri and another solar deity, Atum, were seen as aspects of Ra: Khepri was the morning sun, Ra was the midday sun, and Atum was the sun in the evening.

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