Crazed Convict Genovolg

Chapter 298-1 Wild Fugitive Chapter 1

Mozia, Desiring the End thumb Hedonist Apkallu thumb Blaze Breather Trypoxylus thumb Red Phurpa
Mozia, Desiring the End Hedonist Apkallu Blaze Breather Trypoxylus Red Phurpa EX2

Chapter 298-2 Wild Fugitive Chapter 2

Defiant Dissolved Dragon thumb Ipupiara of Skepticism thumb Pastt, Dimension Hopper thumb
Defiant Dissolved Dragon Ipupiara of Skepticism Pastt, Dimension Hopper

Chapter 298-3 Wild Fugitive Chapter 3

Jungle Tyrant Zhak thumb Gargantuan Ruins Spider thumb Brash Goblin Zombie thumb
Jungle Tyrant Zhak Gargantuan Ruins Spider Brash Goblin Zombie

Chapter 298-4 Wild Fugitive Chapter 4

Defiant Dissolved Dragon thumb Catacomb Necrophagist thumb Abyssal Warden thumb Yellow Phurpa
Defiant Dissolved Dragon Catacomb Necrophagist Abyssal Warden Yellow Phurpa EX2

Chapter 298-5 Wild Fugitive Chapter 5

Ebbing Harpy thumb Hedonist Apkallu thumb Brash Goblin Zombie thumb
Ebbing Harpy Hedonist Apkallu Brash Goblin Zombie
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