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Theirs was a seldom seen relation. The novice mage Eugenia created a living concentration of evil in a failed magic experiment. Though she understood his vile nature at once and that he would one day bring calamity, he clung to her as a child does to his mother. Sensing his pure affection, she simply coudd not convince herself to undo his existence.


Added on December 30th, 2014 as a part of Master of Fate 9 Card Pack.

Name origin[]

Eugenia is an English, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Romanian, and Spanish feminine name of Old Greek origin. It is derived from eugenes meaning "well born, noble" with elements eu "good, well" and genos "birth, descent". Variants include Eugénia (Portuguese), Eugénie (French), Eugènia (Catalan), Eugenija (Lithuanian) and Yevgeniya or Yevgenia (Russian: Евгения). English and French Eugene is a masuculine form.

Additional Info[]

Artwork by Dalisa.