Ercole, Jailed Royalty


Every ship holds a hierarchy for her passengers, and the Origin Arc was no exception. For example, one had to be born royalty if one were to become king. Then there were kings' relatives, responsible for upholding the law. After them, the peasants who were ruled. And at the bottom were the "scoundrels," those sentenced to live in the dungeons. Before he had committed that fateful crime, Ercole, too, had been a member of a privileged class. Now he belonged to the dark cells and would abandon those who did not recognize his rightful status.


Added on December 1, 2014 as a Reward during The Floating Goliath Raid Event, altogether 1,100+ cards:

Name originEdit

Ercole is an Italian masculine name of Old Greek origin; the meaning is "Hera's glory". Derived from the name of the goddess women and marriage Hera combined with Greek kleos "glory" A variation of the name Hercules, latinized form of original Greek Herakles, famous in classical mythology as the name of a hero of immense strength and courage, the son of god Zeus and the mortal woman Alkmene.

Additional InfoEdit

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