Erasmo of Miracles


Erasmo well understood how the Circle was using him. Despite his incredible power and fame for being able to snatch poor souls from the hands of death, there was a reason for their condescension. He had not been, and would never be, a killer. His powers defied all odds, and were seen by the common folk as truly miraculous. Still, such powers could have been used to great effect in combat, but The Circle's imperiousness clouded their vision.


Added on April 23, 2014 during Primal Scream Raid Event. From Boss Repelling.

Name originEdit

Erasmo is an Italian, Spanish and Portuguese masculine name; the meaning is "beloved, desired". A variant of name Erasmus, latinized form of the Greek Erasmos, derived from erasmios which is of the root eran ("to love").

Additional InfoEdit

Boss in 1st and 2nd Chapter in Primal Scream Raid Event.

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