Engset, Noble Lady


Engset knew the truth about the amount of blood that had been spilled in the operation of the great floating mass. She knew the truth about the history of Elvarre from before it had departed its home planet. And she knew the truth about the terrible burden that had been placed upon her shoulders. The floating continent was a cold-hearted murderer, requiring constant death to sate its functions. Engset also knew, when all was said and done, it would be her role to put an end to the ponderous, wandering beast.


Added on February 13, 2015 as a final reward during Cosmic Exodus Odyssey Event, altogether 3,240+ cards:

  • Final rank 5-75 (x2), 101-300 (x2), 401-1,500 (x2), 1,500-2,000.
  • Guild rank 1, 2, 4-20.

Name originEdit

Engset is a Norwegian surname.

Additional InfoEdit

Featured on the banner of Cosmic Exodus Odyssey Event.

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