Ella, Spirit of Life


Ella is dismayed by her own power to bring dead creatures back to life. She believes life is beautiful and precious because it is fleeting. As such, she very much resents being called the "Spirit of Life". Yet, despite her views, she has an endless number of tear-stained entreaties to revive someone or something. She wishes she could seal off her own ability, as it has a dark side which no one knows...


  • Added on March 29, 2013 as a Reward during The Candy Man Raid event:
    • First acquired through raid bounty.
    • Can be found in the chest opened with The Emerald Key.
  • Rereleased on July 23, 2014 as a Reward during Beauty by Design Raid Event. Can be drawn from the Boss Reward Chest opened with Chalcedony Key.

Name OriginEdit

Ella is of Old German origin; the meaning is "other, foreign". It can also derive from the German name Alja meaning "entire". It is also a common short name for names starting with El-, such as Eleanor, Elizabeth, Elle, Ellen, Ellie, or Eloise. In Hebrew Ella means "goddess".

In Greek mythology, Ella (Greek: Ἕλλα) was the daughter of Athamas and Nephele. The name may be a cognate with Hellas (Greek: Ἑλλάς), the Greek name for Greece.

Additional InfoEdit

Boss of chapters 7 & 8 during the The Candy Man Raid Event.

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