Elkshaim, Nirvana Dragoon


"It must be my lucky day," Elkshaim smirked as he received the order to dispose of the Roamers residing within the ruins. The dragoon saw the abandonment of the bandits and demons as a sign of their weakness, and the rewards weren't bad, either. Elkshaim particularly reveled the detail about leaving none alive. Atop his demon drake, he headed out to complete the task. "Finally, those vermin'll get what's been comin' to them."


Added on August 8, 2014 as a Reward during Tomb of Oblivion Odyssey Event:

  • Final Rank 4,001-6,999.
  • Guild Rank 51-100, 101-200.
  • Boss Defeat Reward - Graveyard 100.

Name originEdit

The word dragoon originally meant mounted infantry, who were trained in horse riding as well as infantry fighting skills. However, usage altered over time and during the 18th century, dragoons evolved into conventional light cavalry units and personnel. The name is possibly derived from a type of firearm (called a dragon) carried by dragoons of the French Army. There is no distinction between the words dragon and dragoon in French; both are referred to as dragon.

Additional InfoEdit

Boss in 19th Chapter during Tomb of Oblivion Odyssey Event.

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