Elefrog Kyoroko


"You know, little one, you are not actually a Frog." With an involuntary ribbit, I jumped at my master's words. "It is true. You are a child of man, abandoned to this swamp and raised as one of us." The shock was too much, how could what my master said be true? I had never possessed the swimming abilities of the others, but could I really be... different? "No, Master! I'm a Frog too!"


  • Added on May 16, 2014 as a highest Ranking Reward Card in Battle Royale XXIII, altogether 65+ cards:
    • Final BR point rank 1 (x2), 2-3 (x2), 4-15(x2), 16-50.
    • Guild BR point rank 1 (x2), 2 (x2), 3(x2), 4-5, 6-8.
  • Rereleased on November 27, 2014 in the Grab Bag 9 Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Kyoroko is a combination of Japanese name Kyo with word roko. Kyo is a variant transcription of both masculine and feminine name Kyou, with meanings "cooperation", "capital", "village" or "apricot". Roko is an archaic word for "silk".

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