Edge, Insolent Plunderer


All of the demon thief Edge's possessions were stolen from others. Absconding with the coin, food, drink, enjoyment, power of others was all too simple for one with his talent. After all, stealing was his greatest joy, and nothing made him feel more powerful than plundering from the weak. For Edge, humans were nothing more than his prey.


Added on October 10, 2014 as a reward during Legion of Darkness Odyssey Event:

  • Final Rank 2,001-3,999, 4,001-6,999, 7,001-9,999.
  • Guild Rank 201-500.
  • Collect items - 9,000 (x2).
  • Boss Defeat Reward - Side Road 50.

Additional InfoEdit

Boss in 9th Chapter during Legion of Darkness Odyssey Event.

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