Dusty Storehouse


In a dark, neglected alleyway there sits a dusty storehouse. Quarreling voices echo from within. After a few moments of silence, someone shrieks suddenly... But no one is around to hear.


Introduced on January 28, 2014 at 8:00 PM (PST) as a free card to all players as part of the Mean Streets card pack, and is gifted to all players who log in during the Elementary Raid Event.

Additional InfoEdit

Evolves with Letter to the Detective and Silent Scene of the Murder:
Dusty Storehouse + Letter to the Detective -> (Crime Scene) Corpse Ain't Talkin'
(Crime Scene) Corpse Ain't Talkin' + Silent Scene of the Murder -> (Secretive) Wandering Murderess

(Crime Scene) Corpse Ain't Talkin' + Letter to the Detective -> (Trace) Great Detective's Partner

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