Drescher, Falcon's Eye Hunter


There existed a mysterious artifact known as the "Falcon's Eye," said to grant its holder the knowledge of treasure locations throughout the world. Drescher, captain of the ocean's largest band of pirates, fervently sought to obtain it. When she first began her life of thievery, the sight of small gemstones was enough to set her heart aflame. That thrill waned with experience, and ordinary valuables no longer held her interest. With the Falcon's Eye in hand, she would once again know the euphoria of discovery.


Acquired from July 20 to September 18, 2014 during 60-Day Login Promotion. Awarded on days: 1 (141), 7 (147), 14 (154), 40 (170) and 60 (190).

  • This card is bound.

Name originEdit

Drescher is a German and Jewish surname: occupational name for a thresher, German Drescher, Yiddish dresher; agent derivatives of Middle High German dreschen ‘to thresh’.

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