Drenick, Ironhorse Swordsman


The knight's black steed was adorned in stately armor, a harsh sound echoing through the air each time its ironclad hooves hit the ground. It had been Drenick's trusted companion since before he had learned swordplay. Most mounts would have lost their strength by now, but this one was different. It had been abandoned by its former master, a demon of the underworld, and Drenick had been the one to take up the reins. The mercenary and his horse made a formidable team, earning untold amounts of bounty money and becoming known the world over as "The Invincible Iron Duo."

Name OriginEdit


Added on 3 January 2014 as part of the Ironclad Card Pack during the Arise Raid event.

Additional InfoEdit

Skill multiplies Front Line damage to the Hidden Boss by up to 9x before evolution, up to 11x when evolved.

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