Dream Attendant Gyro


Neotellus rumbled with murmurs about an adjoining world, one that could only be visited while unconscious. Maybe the reason why it resonated so much with the people was that everyone seemed to have vague memories of going there. But I knew for certain that it existed, because I lived there. It was my task to ensure the safe return of the occasional visitor to and from this realm and I would always fulfill it, regardless of their attitude.


Given out to all players during the Inner Nemesis Odyssey Event.

Name originEdit

Gyro comes from the Greek word Γύρω that means around or surrownding.

gyro tower, or panoramic tower, is an evolution of the observation tower with a vertical moving platform. A gyro tower's observation deck is not simply raised to provide its passengers a spectacular view, it is also rotated around the supporting mast, either once in the raised position or while traveling up and down the center mast so that you have a wiew of all the surrounding.

Additional InfoEdit

Boosts the number of Event Items acquired by up to 1.2x regardless of Skill Level.

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