Dragonmaster Brizio


Brizio, born with power beyond compare, regarded humans as exceptionally fragile beings. From a young age, his preferred method of play was hunting dragons. Demons knew better than to make an enemy of him, but the prideful dragons would fight even when they knew their defeat was assured. Finally they swore fealty to him, convinced of his superiority. With such powerful underlings at Brizio's disposal, none could stand against him.


  • Added on June 25, 2014 as a Final Ranking Reward during Behind the Lines Raid Event:
    • Final Rank 1 (x2), 2-10 (x2), 11-30, 31-60, 201-300 (x2), 301-500 (x2), 501-800, 801-1,200.
    • Guild Rank 1, 2-6, 7-20.
  • Rereleased on November 24, 2014 as a returning UR in the Archer 11 Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Brizio (also short form of Fabrizio) is Italian variant of English masculine name Bryce (Brice, Fabrice). Brizio has its origins in the Welsh ("specled") and Latin ("blacksmith, craftsman") languages.

Additional InfoEdit

Ex is featured on the banner of Behind the Lines Raid Event.

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