Doubly Haunted Faune


In an odd twist of fate, Faune was both possessed by a powerful wraith and a guardian angel. The pair would argue at every opportunity, attempting to coax her into obeying themselves and disregarding the other one. "Give me your body and I'll show you freedom," cajoled the wraith. "I will defend you to the bitter end," declared the angel. As often as they bickered, Faune strangely enjoyed their clamor as it meant she was never lonely.


Added on June 29, 2015 as a part of Master of Fate 15 BOX Card Pack. Acquired by drawing an UR Exchange Ticket from the Box.

Name originEdit

Faune is a variant of Fauna, in Roman mythology, the goddess of nature and animals, goddess of fertility, women and healing, who was famous for her chastity; a daughter and companion of Faunus, a Roman horned god of fertility, forests, and agriculture; possibly means "to befriend" from Latin.

Additional InfoEdit

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