Divine Envoy Caladrius


Caladrius is a dragon that has existed on Neotellus since antiquity. His dwellings or habitat are completely shrouded in mystery, but his duty is clear. He will appear in countries teetering on the brink of survival, and either use his miraculous gaze to soothe and encourage its people so that they may rebuild or he will simply finish them off. To the rulers of those lands, Caladrius is an emissary of the gods, sent to hand down their final verdict.

Name OriginEdit

Caladrius, according to the Roman mythology, is a snow-white bird that lives in kings' houses. Supposedly, the bird refuses to look at any patient that is not going to make a full recovery. Caladrius existed in the Greek mythology under the name Dhalion. It is said to also be able to take the sickness into itself and then fly away, dispersing the sickness and healing both itself and the sick person. Source: Wikipedia [1]


First seen during the From Underneath The Ice Odyssey Event.

Additional InfoEdit

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