Dirk, Weapon Whisperer


Dirk's store was stocked with everything from cursed swords to legendary blades to holy staves to rusty daggers. Not a day passed without someone offering their worn weapon for a new one. Dirk did not request payment in gold, but merely inspected what was offered to him before handing the client the item most suited to them. That was the entire reason for his operation, to place the appropriate weapon in the hands of every warrior.


Name OriginEdit

Dirk is a Dutch, German and English short form of Dutch and Low German masculine name Dietrich or Diederik of Old German origin, a variant of Theodoric; the meaning is "people's ruler, ruler of the people". Derived from the elements þeud "people" and ric "power, ruler, rich". In addition, Dirk is a Dutch, English, Flemish, and German contraction of Derek (Dutch, English, and German).

Also a dirk is a long thrusting dagger. Historically, it was a personal weapon of officers engaged in naval hand-to-hand combat during the Age of Sail, as well as the personal sidearm of the officers of Scottish Highland regiments, and Japanese naval officers. The term is associated with Scotland in the Early Modern Era, being attested from about 1600. The term was spelled dork or dirk during the 17th century, presumably from the Dutch, Swedish and Danish dolk, via German dolch, tolch from a West Slavic Tillich.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Pyeongjun Park aka Totorrl.

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