Dire Migration is a Raid Event scheduled to start on March 4, 2018 at 7:00 PM (PST) and end on March 10, 2018 at 7:00 PM (PST). It is the forty seventh episode of the Dark Stigma story and twenty fourth in the Malice Canon storyline.

Half-time Reward Calculation Period is at March 6, 2018 from 7:00 PM to 7:59 PM (PST).

Feature ChangesEdit

  • 1%, 3% and 5% Easter UR Ticket as Individual Ranking Reward down to rank 800.
  • Individual Ranking reduced from 30,000 to 10,000.
  • Card Reward Ranking reduced from rank 5,500 to 4,000.
  • 2nd lowest Card Reward Ranking reduced from rank 1,600 to 1,200.
  • Better ticket rewards in the higher Individual and Guild Ranks.

Raid Bosses Skill CardsEdit


The pass bore the names of both the ruling powers from the kingdom of Douto and the empire of Tavaits. So long as it remained in the possession of the cleric Regnie, she and her Royal Migrants of Douto would be allowed to complete their journey without disturbance. However, Regnie quaked with fright; she had just learned the reality of the situation was not as simple.

The signature of the empress Zara, reigning in the place of the recently deceased husband, held unquestioned authority, but rounding the mountain pass that overlooked the border presented her with an ominous sight. There were over ten thousand soldiers waiting on the plains below being led by the mercenary general Cadeline. As she was infamous for instigating wars merely so her ravens could feast upon the corpse-strewn battlefields, it did not seem likely they were a welcoming party.

There was no longer doubt in Regnie's mind; Zara never intended for her to reach the Temple of the Holy Wings. The cleric suspected some foul deed was being carried out under her command there, and the display of force all but confirmed Zara did not want the veil lifted. Regardless, her signature on Regnie's pass proved she was responsible for the Royal Migrants' safety. Unlikely though the possibility was, perhaps the soldiers would do nothing more than threaten in the hopes of turning her away without lifting a finger. That notion was dashed when she realized ignoring them would not work, even if they were commanded. The pass merely guaranteed her entry into the country, not that she would leave it alive.

Regnie's feet wanted to run away, but her heart retained its determination. If she did not complete the pilgrimage, Douto would undoubtedly succumb to Zara's curse. Both countries belonged to the same sect of worship, offering their faith to a divine eagle that spread the gods' blessings to their remote corner of the land. There were once many other countries that shared this indigenous belief until they were invaded and annexed by Tavaits. The previous emperor, unsatisfied with being a mere king, had harbored ambitions to reign over an empire like Ildanev. Only Douto was able to successfully fend off each offensive attempt.

In the peace conference that followed the final conflict, Douto agreed to hand over a portion of land containing the Temple of the Holy Wings on the condition Tavaits cease their hostilities altogether. Peace lasted for a number of decades, but no sooner had the empress assumed the throne than she began plotting to capture Douto. It would have to be clandestine enough that it would not rile the small country's many foreign allies. Douto's wise monarch had established those bonds partly as a deterrent against future declarations of war; no gain would be enough to counteract the siege Tavaits would eventually face by an alliance far surpassing even their impressive military might. Finally, the empress decided to perform a ceremony at the Temple of the Holy Wings that placed a curse on the kingdom.

Regnie was the first to notice something was amiss after dark clouds covered the entire country for seven days. She used a crystal mirror to observe if it was the work of the temple's goddess Romaya, but it was Zara who appeared on the other side. Several more days passed and the clouds continued to grow darker and thicker, lending credence to the thought that she was responsible, so Regnie informed the king. He then sent a message to Zara asking for her cooperation in allowing the pilgrims to visit the temple and pray for aid. This was how he believed it would be possible to stop her plan without risking accusation.

"Right, this is an order from the king. I have to reach the temple no matter what."

However, the realization of the immense burden she bore caused her legs to start shaking anew.

"Everything'll be fine! There's no need to be afraid when I have so many strong allies to depend on."

To help further reassure herself, she recalled their names and circumstances one by one.

First was Torricelli, a hermit-like swordswoman who pledged her loyalty only to those the [voices of silence] mentioned. With her acute senses, she had divined the origin of the curse before even Regnie. Her arrival at the castle to offer her aid coincided with the king's commandment of the pilgrimage.

Next was Addis, a former official who had been exiled from the capital city years ago. They had met by chance, and Regnie, long aware of her innocence, welcomed her, providing a new opportunity to exercise her keen wit and observational skills once more.

Finally, there was Muluja. She was the most unpredictable of the group, but her offensive capabilities could not be overlooked. Said to have been the strongest in their entire army, they were forced to imprison her after several major infractions and deviations from order. She was in the middle of serving a lengthy sentence when the offer of a pardon came if she ensured the success of the pilgrimage. Against a similarly unhinged warrior as Cadeline, there were few better tactics than fighting fire with fire.

The three of them had split up near the border on Addis' suggestion and would rejoin at a point closer to the temple. Until then, Regnie was left in the care of three other helpers they had met just beyond the capital's gates: A silver-haired bowman, a sprightly elf maiden, and a battle-scarred tamer of Cryptids. They had saved her from the roving monsters of the plains while she was looking for the herbs necessary for the ceremony. The story of their travels was most surprising, but she sensed they were worthy of trust and accepted their submission of assistance.

"Right, together we'll make it through!"

With her courage restored, the four of them marched towards the soldiers of Tavaits. Regnie then presented the pass and proclaimed in a firm voice:

"We are the Royal Migrants from Douto! By order of your empress, you shall allow us passage!"

To her dismay, neither Cadeline nor her troops gave any indication of stepping aside. Conflict was inevitable. An unnerving stillness hung in the air as the sun slipped beyond the horizon. The moons began to rise, and their light shone upon a new, unexpected foe...


No sooner had Regnie passed through the temple's door than she started mentally preparing for the incantation. Not a moment could be spared for dalliance. Even so, when she reached the altar in the inner chambers, the sight she witnessed brought both her mind and lungs to a halt. There was a demonic circle etched in blood on the floor and a skull hanging from a rope around the statue of Romaya. Although the cleric's suspicions were confirmed, the extent of Zara's desecration of the sacred space was utterly appalling.

She was only jolted from her shock when a new wave of war cries echoed in, a reminder that her allies were risking their lives. Taking a deep breath, she then ran up to the statue and removed the skull necklace. Next, a nearby vase of holy water was used to wash away the blood circle and a dusting of ceremonial salt purified the dais. Finally, she hoisted the vase upon the altar and mixed the herbs with the remaining water before reciting the chant as fast as her tongue would allow.

"Turn anger into joy and spite into blessing..."

Divine power gathered inside the urn, causing fire to rise from the mouth. Regnie removed her divine necklace and threw it into the flame as she repeated the words. Assured that ceremony was complete, she shouted in a dignified voice:

"O Bearer of the Holy Wings, take flight once again! May your gusts dispel the workings of greed and malice!"


When the divine eagle rose from the temple in a burst of dazzling light, Zara and the forces of Tavaits lost all of their fighting spirit. Solid evidence of the fiendish ceremony and its purpose of suffocating Douto would undoubtedly earn the ire of their allies. The empress, hoping to stem the aftereffects, not only allowed the Royal Migrants to return safely but also gave them a chest full of gold and jewels from the treasury in exchange for their silence.

Although Regnie accepted the gift on behalf of Douto, she did not spare any details in recounting the events for the king, merely pleading a token amount of forbearance in his response. To that end, he ensured that the world at large would only be made aware of the fact that the pilgrims reached the temple and summoned the eagle. He then made an additional demand that you be granted safe passage through Tavaits when you resumed your journey. Zara relented and told the Lightholders that you had managed to escape shortly after the eagle's appearance.

Although the two countries preserved the veil of goodwill, the exposure of Zara's scheme had terrible consequences domestically. A heated battle for the throne followed the empress' swift abdication, but that concerned their neighbors in the least. For a time, Douto basked in the grace of the divine eagle as it flew in the skies above, dispersing dark clouds to return the endless blue.

It was about this time that you and your companions decided to resume your journey and bid the people of Douto farewell. As Regnie watched you depart from a distance, she whispered:

"I pray that you too will receive the blessing of the Holy Wings..."


* Energy

Chapter Zone En* EXP Coins Boss
1: Winged Pests 1-5 -1 +2 +20~24 Chobla, Young Mage
2: Winged Pests 6-10 -2 +4 +40~48 Chobla, Young Mage
3: Winged Pets 11-15 -3 +6 +60~72 (Flying Gems) Chobla, Young Mage
4: Merciless Cleaver 16-20 -4 +8 +60~72 Grandaxe Elite Andyra
5: Merciless Cleaver 21-25 -5 +10 +80~96 Grandaxe Elite Andyra
6: Merciless Cleaver 26-30 -6 +12 +80~96 (Crusher) Grandaxe Elite Andyra
7: Graceful Combat 31-35 -7 +14 +100~120 Prudent Major Fili
8: Graceful Combat 36-40 -8 +16 +100~120 Prudent Major Fili
9: Flawless Sheen 41-45 -8 +16 +120~144 Momorch the Silvercoat
10: Flawless Sheen 46-50 -9 +18 +120~144 Momorch the Silvercoat

11: Flawless Sheen

??? -12 +24 +120~144 None

Raid BossesEdit

Type Name Level Hit Points Time Allotted Damage
Main Scalewing Galucnos 1 100 2 hours 1 x
Main Scalewing Galucnos 2 900 2 hours 1 x
Main Scalewing Galucnos 3 1,350 2 hours 1 x
Main Scalewing Galucnos 4 1,500 2 hours 1 x
Main Scalewing Galucnos 5 2,250 2 hours 1 x
Main Scalewing Galucnos 6 4,500 2 hours 1 x
Main Scalewing Galucnos 7 9,000 2 hours 1 x
Main Scalewing Galucnos 8 15,000 2 hours 1 x
Main Scalewing Galucnos 9 22,500 2 hours 1 x
Main Scalewing Galucnos 10 30,000 2 hours 1 x
Main Scalewing Galucnos 11 45,000 2 hours 1 x
Main Scalewing Galucnos 12 60,000 2 hours 1 x
Main Scalewing Galucnos 13 75,000 2 hours 1 x
Main Scalewing Galucnos 14 90,000 2 hours 1 x
Main Scalewing Galucnos 15 100,000 2 hours 1 x
Main (Fanged Beak) Scalewing Galucnos 1 110,000 2 hours 1 x
Main (Fanged Beak) Scalewing Galucnos 2 115,000 2 hours 1 x
Main (Fanged Beak) Scalewing Galucnos 3 125,000 2 hours 1 x
Main (Fanged Beak) Scalewing Galucnos 4 135,000 2 hours 1 x
Main (Fanged Beak) Scalewing Galucnos 5 150,000 2 hours 1 x
Main (Fanged Beak) Scalewing Galucnos 6 170,000 2 hours 1 x
Main (Fanged Beak) Scalewing Galucnos 7 200,000 2 hours 1 x
Main (Fanged Beak) Scalewing Galucnos 8 250,000 2 hours 1 x
Main (Fanged Beak) Scalewing Galucnos 9 280,000 2 hours 1 x
Main (Fanged Beak) Scalewing Galucnos 10 350,000 2 hours 1 x
Main (Fanged Beak) Scalewing Galucnos 11 450,000 2 hours 1 x
Main (Fanged Beak) Scalewing Galucnos 12 600,000 2 hours 1 x
Main (Fanged Beak) Scalewing Galucnos 13 700,000 2 hours 1 x
Main (Fanged Beak) Scalewing Galucnos 14 900,000 2 hours 1 x
Main (Fanged Beak) Scalewing Galucnos 15 1,600,000 2 hours 1 x
End Screech Harpy Lucqua 1 2,000,000 2 hours 1 x
End (Earsplitting) Screech Harpy Lucqua 1 3,000,000 2 hours 1 x
Special Chobla, Young Mage 1 35,000 20 minutes 2 x
Special Grandaxe Elite Andyra 1 150,000 20 minutes 2 x
Special Prudent Major Fili 1 1,000,000 20 minutes 2 x
Hidden Blackwing Cadeline 1 18,000,000 2 hours 2 x
Hidden (Sky Burial) Blackwing Cadeline 1 27,000,000 2 hours 2 x
Secret Zara, Skylarking in Death 1 40,500,000 2:30 hours 2 x
Secret (Flock) Zara, Skylarking in Death 1 52,500,000 2:30 hours 2 x


Daily RankingEdit

Rank Reward
2 - 10
11 - 20
21 - 50
51 - 100
101 - 400
401 - 1,000
1,001 - 5,000
5,001 - 10,000
10,001 - 15,000

Final RankingsEdit

Rank Reward
Mega Lucky 777 Blackwing Cadeline (UR) x 2
Lucky 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 888, 999, 1111, 1500, 2500, 5000, 7500 Blackwing Cadeline (UR) x 1
Rank Reward
2 - 3
4 - 5
6 - 10
11 - 20
21 - 30
31 - 50
51 - 70
71 - 99
100 - 150
151 - 200
201 - 300
301 - 450
451 - 600
651 - 800
801 - 1,200
1,201 - 2,300
2,301 - 3,000
3,001 - 4,000
4,001 - 5,000
5,001 - 7,500
7,501 - 10,000

Raid Boss RepelsEdit

Repel Count Reward
1 LCP Claim Ticket x 1
2 Power Potion (Bound) x 1
3 Energy Drink (Bound) x 1
4 LCP Claim Ticket x 1
5 Energy Drink (Bound) x 1
7 Power Potion (Bound) x 1
10 Dragon King Egg x 1
13 Energy Drink (Bound) x 1
17 LCP Claim Ticket x 1
20 Mighty Young Dragon (UR) x 1
23 Energy Drink (Bound) x 1
25 Crystals x 80
30 50% UR Ticket x 1
33 Energy Drink (Bound) x 1
35 LCP Claim Ticket x 1
38 Energy Drink (Bound) x 1
40 Energy Drink (Bound) x 1
43 Power Potion (Bound) x 1
45 Prosperous Baby Dragon (Rare) x 1
47 Genius Baby Dragon (Rare) x 1
50 Dragon King Egg x 1
52 10% UR Ticket x 3
55 Energy Drink (Bound) x 1
60 Energy Drink (Bound) x 2
65 Power Potion (Bound) x 2
70 Power Potion (Bound) x 3
75 10% UR Ticket x 1
80 Energy Drink (Bound) x 3
90 Crystals x 200
100 Dragon King Egg x 1
120 Power Potion (Bound) x 4
140 10% UR Ticket x 1
150 Crystals x 250
160 Energy Drink (Bound) x 4
180 Genius Young Dragon (UR) x 1
200 Dragon King Egg x 1
220 Power Potion (Bound) x 4
240 50% UR Ticket x 1
260 UR Guaranteed Ticket x 1
280 Crystals x 500
300 Dragon King Egg x 1
400 Crystals x 600
500 Crystals x 700
600 Crystals x 750
800 Crystals x 800
1,000 Dragon King Egg x 3
Screech Harpy Lucqua 50% UR Ticket x 1
(Earsplitting) Screech Harpy Lucqua Herb Huntress Claretie (UR) x 1

Guild RankingEdit

Rank Damage Req. Rewards
1 15,000,000
2 - 3 15,000,000
4 - 10 10,000,000
11 - 20 5,000,000
21 - 50 1,000,000
51 - 100 500,000
101 - 250 100,000
251 - 500 100,000
501 - 1,000 100,000
1,001 - 1,500 100,000

Guild RepelsEdit

Guild Repel Count Damage Req. Reward
50 Bosses 1,000,000 Energy Drink (Bound) x 1
100 Bosses 1,000,000 LCP Claim Ticket x 1
200 Bosses 1,000,000 Energy Drink (Bound) x 2
300 Bosses 1,000,000 Power Potion (Bound) x 2
500 Bosses 1,000,000 Energy Drink (Bound) x 2
800 Bosses 1,000,000 Power Potion (Bound) x 2
1,200 Bosses 1,000,000 Power Potion (Bound) x 2
2,000 Bosses 1,000,000 LCP Claim Ticket x 1
3,000 Bosses 1,000,000 10% UR Ticket x 1
5,000 Bosses 1,000,000 Energy Drink (Bound) x 2
8,000 Bosses 1,000,000 50% UR Ticket x 1
10,000 Bosses 1,000,000 Energy Drink (Bound) x 2
12,000 Bosses 1,000,000 UR Guaranteed Ticket x 1
14,000 Bosses 1,000,000 Energy Drink (Bound) x 3
20,000 Bosses 1,000,000 Crystals x 500
22,000 Bosses 1,000,000 Crystals x 750
24,000 Bosses 1,000,000 Crystals x 1,000
26,000 Bosses 1,000,000 Crystals x 1,000
28,000 Bosses 1,000,000 Crystals x 1,250
30,000 Bosses 1,000,000 Crystals x 1,500

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