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"Down in the cellar, there is a vampire held captive. If you find youself in trouble, go down to him and let him drink your blood," her father had told her. The princess had done just that when the coup d'etat had begun, and now she watched in terror as Gaspard quickly eviscerated the rest of the rebelling soldiers. She could only wonder what unstoppable power she had let loose into the world.


Added on July 27, 2014 aas a part of Dusk of Survival 4 Crad Pack.

Name origin[]

Gaspard is a Francophone male given name or family name of Old Persian origin; the meaning is "treasurer; keeper of the treasure, treasure holder". Derived from the elements ghaz meaning "treasure" and bar "to manage". A variant of the name Jasper (Dutch, English, French, and German), Caspar (Persian).

Additional Info[]

Anti-Secret Raid Boss Skill Card in Beauty by Design Raid Event. Deals up to 9x damage.