Destitute Rodent Renata


"Stop!" An enraged yell was heard from behind Renata as she sprinted away. She knew that surrendering and apologizing would not result in sympathy. "Stopping means I'll get beat up even just for stealing a bit of food..." Though she internally scorned the miserly grocer, she frantically apologized as she increased her pace.


Added on May 30, 2015 as a part of Master of Fate 14 Box Card Pack. Can only be drawn with the UR Exchange Ticket.

Name originEdit

Renata is an Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Polish, Czech, Croatian and Slovene feminine given name; derived from masculine name Renatus of Latin origin which means "born again", where natus is "born". In Francophone countries there is a cognate names feminine Renée and masculine René; the feminine form Renate is also common in Dutch and German language-speaking countries. In some Spanish speaking countries, the name has taken on a different meaning: as a contraction for Rey ("king") and Nato ("birth"), it has come to mean "born a king."

Additional InfoEdit

  • Deals up to 10x the front line damage to the Bosses when evolved and at Level 10 during The Lost Army Raid Event.
  • Artwork by Yu-Han Chen.
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