Destined Encounter
Destined Encounter Ticket

Destined Encounter is a card park but differs from the usual kind of Card Packs. It can solely be accessed via MyPage and not via the Card Pack button.

It was introduced on March 14, 2018 and replaced the Magnum Opus Card Pack. It includes classic themed Cards as Renewed URs. It is divided into two parts (East and West Venue) and every draw costs 500 Gems. The venues change every month on the middle day of that month. The cards had originally PWR 23 and PWR 24 which changed to PWR 24 and PWR 25 in May 2018.

The final release was on August 14, 2018. It was replaced on October 14, 2018 by the Triumphant Return Card Pack.

March 2018, Dragons
West: (Amass Light) Gazing Forest Dragon & (Break) Gwein, Dragon of Storm Peak
East: (Seabed) Ocean Dragon in the Depths & (Intentive) Alabaster Plumed Dragon
April 2018, Angels
West: (Undeniable) Metatron the Archangel & (Steer) Phanuel, Archangel of Dogma
East: (Bondkeeper) Juno, Guardian of Love & (Impartation) Cross-Bearing Ylfon
May 2018, Characters from children's novels
West: (Philosophy) Sagacious Wizard of Oz & (Possessive) Twinkling Tinkerbell
East: (Trepidation) Dorothy, Oz Wayfarer & (Darktrail) Peter's Creeping Shadow
June 2018, Machines etc.
West: (Dislocating) Machine Crusher Doris & (Salvager) Ashlee, Nursing Steel
East: (Appropriate) Presto, Steam Luddite & (Evil Heart) Wilfred the Experiment
July 2018, Beasts
West: (Malicious Glee) Scheming Focalor & (Bedog) Skoll & Hati, Lunar Gorgers
East: (Ugly Scramble) Rampant Sheba Beast & (Despondency) Bottom-Dweller Demon
August 2018, Sea Maidens
West: (Repugnance) Moca, Kidd's Progeny & (Stare) Unrivaled Sea Maiden Fulvia
East: (Testy) Lyudmila, Sea Dragon Keeper & (Shown Love) Dragonwoman Mylwaye
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