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Lore[edit | edit source]

Monika, a demon-masked girl, walks among the sinister troops in her command. Though they are on the brink of a vicious battle, no war cries or even clattering of armor can be heard. Only the footfalls of the masked girl echo into the distance. Each and every ruffian is terrified of her bloodlust. Those who move before her inspection is complete are instantly decapitated. The past examples of her form of capital punishment remain fresh in their memory.

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Name Origin[edit | edit source]

Monika is a female name in German, Scandinavian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Slovene, Croatian, Lithuanian, and Latvian. Derived from the word monere "advisor" in Latin or monos "single, only, unique" in Greek. It is a variation of Monica (English, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish), Monique (French). Mona (English, German, and Scandinavian contraction) and Moni (German contraction) are variations of Monika.

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