Demented Devil Dwayne


Dwayne's aspirations were awash in the blood of countless humans and numerous deities. None could stop him in his pursuit of eternal warfare. At last, he opened the door leading to the Anti-realm, a world of infinite darkness where demons mingled freely with the void. Dwayne would have his desire of endless bloodshed fulfilled soon enough.


Name originEdit

Dwayne is a traditionally male name, but rarely used as female too (Duana, Duane), of Irish and Gaelic origin; the meaning is "swarthy, dark". In Gaelic dubh means "little dark one". Dubhain was a popular given name in 16th century southern Ireland. Anglicized form is Dwane or Duane. As a surname it is O'Dubhain, or Dubhan.

Additional InfoEdit

Variation: (Thrusting) Deranged Devil Dwayne

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Demented Devil Dwayne (Normal Card Image)

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