Deifying Diarona


Qualities such as strength, dignity, and compassion will earn the respect of others, but wickedness may also hold similar appeal. Diarona is one such immoral luminary. All from uncultured rabble to great sages cannot help but be seduced when they gaze into her eyes and willingly sacrifice themselves to her snake god. The irresistible draw of her spiteful words transforms each syllable into holy decrees.


Added on January 23, 2015 as a highest ranking reward during Battle Royale XXX, altogether 1,670+ cards:

  • Final BR point rank 166-600 (x2), 601-1,400.
  • Guild BR point rank 1-2 (x2), 3-6, 7-10 (x2), 11-15, 16-25 (x2), 26-75.
  • Also available from the Token Box Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Diarona is probably a variant of feminine name Rona. Rona is a variant of English and Scottish Rhona, possibly derived from the name of the Hebridean island Rona, which means "rough island" in Gaelic. Or Rona can be a feminine variant of Hebrew name Ron meaning "song, joy".

Additional InfoEdit

EX is featured on the banner of Battle Royale XXX Event.

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