Death Surpassed Menelaus


By all accounts, Menelaus should be dead, his breast pierced by Paris. Not even he knows how he still draws breath. He gives thanks to the gods for another chance to storm Troy. If he could rescue his abducted wife Helen from Paris' clutches, he would gladly die the moment after he saw her to safety.

Name MeaningEdit

From the Greek Μενελαος (Menelaos) which meant "withstanding the people", derived from μενω (meno) "to last, to withstand" and λαος (laos) "the people". In Greek legend he was a king of Sparta and the husband of Helen. When his wife was taken by Paris, the Greeks besieged the city of Troy in an effort to get her back. After the war Menelaus and Helen settled down to a happy life.


Added June 18, 2013 as part of the Heroes Colosseo I Event Reward Colosseo Card Pack.

  • Victory Count Reward - 45 wins.

Additional InfoEdit

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