Deadly Assassin Chiyome


This who know of Chime and her ninja horde speak of them as never to be sighted. They are in the shadows, hidden from the public eye, yet these skilled assassins will not hesitate to trek into even sunlight to slay by the order of their leader. Those with political influence must officially feign ignorance of their existence, or they will feel the sting of Chiyome's dagger.


Added on April 4, 2015 as a part of Easter Basket Grab Bag Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Chiyome is a Japanese feminine name; it means "eternal woman, woman of thousand generations", derived from chiyo "thousand generations, eternal" (chi "thousand" and yo "generation, change") and "me" meaning "woman, girl" (on its own pronounce as onna). Mochizuki Chiyome (望月 千代女), also known as Mochizuki Chiyojo, was a Japanese noblewoman of the 16th century who was credited with creating an all-female group of ninja - kunoichi (female ninja).

Additional InfoEdit

Deals up to 9x the front line damage to the Secret Boss during The False Prophet Raid Event.

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