Dead Memories was an odyssey event that began on iOS servers at 10:00 PM (PST) on July 30, 2012 and lasted until 7:59 PM (PST) on August 13, 2012.


One night, an anguished-looking Cryptid appears in the Hero's dreams. She implores the Hero to rescue her friend, who is headed to the Underworld for battle.

Her friend has been steadily losing his mind ever since being afflicted by a noxious poison. And now, nefarious creatures are trying to make him the new King of the Underworld.

Only by recovering the memories from his human life can her friend regain his sanity. Thus, the Hero agrees to the Cryptid's request and sets off for the Underworld.


Quests & BossesEdit

Additional InfoEdit

  • The name of this event, as well as the names of the chapters, are the names of songs by the metal band Slipknot.
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