Dark Warmage Silas


The skies turned grey and lava spurted from the mountains as blue flames spread throughout Atatar, signifying the coming of the wicked mage, Silas. The destroyer of kingdoms had but two objectives. "Now then, where shall I begin?" The fire from both his palms leapt toward the mines as he waited for the warm welcome of his foes.

Name OriginEdit

Silas is traditionally assumed to be the Silvanus mentioned in four epistles. Some translations, including the New International Version, call him Silas in the epistles. Paul, Silas and Timothy are listed as coauthors of the two letters to the Thessalonians. Second Corinthians mentions Silas as having preached with Paul and Timothy to the church in Corinth (2 Corinthians 1:19) and Peter's first epistle regards Silas as a faithful brother (1 Peter 5:12).

There is some disagreement over the proper form of his name: he is consistently called "Silas" in Acts, but the Latin Silvanus, which means "of the forest," is always used by Paul and in the First Epistle of Peter;[2] it may be that "Silvanus" is the Romanized version of the original "Silas," or that "Silas" is the Greek nickname for "Silvanus." Silas is thus often identified with Silvanus of the Seventy. Fitzmyer points out that Silas is the Greek version of the Aramaic "Seila," a version of the Hebrew "Saul," which is attested in Palmyrene inscriptions.


Completion reward for the Seashell and the Seashell EX treasure sets during the Hell or Highwater odyssey event.

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Artwork by THT.

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