Dark Queen Guinevere


Guinevere belongs to the shadow kind. She is a vampiress that lives in darkness, far away from the world of light. She sees other beings as mere sustenance. That was her true nature for untold years, until fate led her to cross paths with King Arthur. Madly in love with the young king, she is prepared to give up everything to rule by his side.


Name OriginEdit

Guinevere was the legendary Queen consort of King Arthur. In tales and folklore, she was said to have had a love affair with Arthur's chief knight Sir Lancelot. Guinevere and Lancelot's betrayal of Arthur was often considered as having led to the downfall of the kingdom. The Welsh form Gwenhwyfar, which seems to be cognate with the Irish name Findabair, can be translated as "The White Enchantress" or "The White Fay/Ghost".

Additional InfoEdit

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