Dark Apprentice Warlock


The violence-obsessed warlock adores nothing more than his power. Should all oppose him, so be it; as long as they meet death by his hands. Upon mastering his sorcery, he is left the last man standing, aggravating the lord of darkness.


Added on November 30, 2012 as a part of Witch of November card pack.

Name OriginEdit

People who work magic are called by several names in fantasy works, and the terminology differs widely from one fantasy world to another. In Dungeons and Dragons, warlocks are distinguished from wizards as creating forbidden "pacts" with powerful creatures to harnessing their innate magical gifts. In Witch World, a man who anomalously showed the same abilities as a witch was termed a warlock. The term "warlock" is sometimes used to indicate a male witch in fiction. However, either term may be used in a unisex manner, in which case there will be members of both sexes bearing that title. If both terms are used in the same setting, this can indicate a gender-based title for practitioners of identical magic, such as in Harry Potter, or it can indicate that the two sexes practice different types of magic, as in Discworld.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by James Ryman.

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