Creatures of the Night was an Odyssey Event beginning on iOS servers Monday, June 11 2012 at 12:00am (PST) and ending Sunday, June 24 2012 at 11:59pm (PST). No information was recorded about this event when it occurred so all the following material pertains to the odyssey of the same name offered to new users only for a limited time of three days with the timer beginning after the tutorial is completed.


After obtaining new companions from their travels, the hero and party were swept away by a rock slide, falling down a deep cliff. They eventually found themselves conscious within the depths of Hades.

While looking for an exit, they stumbled upon a brazen gate before a parculiar[*] building.

The hero and his Cryptid allies sense that there would be an entrance back to Neotellus if they entered, but as they stepped inside, the exit behind them abruptly closed. They had made their way into the Labyrinth of Hades.

An eerie voice not of this world echoed through the maze…

“You who strive to be a Hero,, let me test your worth…”

The Cryptids around you shiver in fear, a flicker of recognition in their eyes.

“That voice… Could it be…?”

The Shadow Kind has issued this challenge to all new Heroes!

Can you escape the [L]abyrinth of Hades and return to the world above unscathed?!

[*] supposed to be peculiar



Ranking rewardsEdit

Ranking is based on the total number of Stray Souls collected while questing.

Rank order Reward (original event) Reward (new users only)
Top RewardValefor of SovereigntySumptuous Vampiress Alzbeta

Common individual rewardsEdit

Requirement Reward
Magatama Treasure Set Enraged Chronos
Crystal Dome Treasure Set Halcyon Asmodeus
Crystal Skull Treasure Set Aditi, Dragon Master
50 Nights Disruptive Draconian
100 Nights Remorseless Gigagei
Total Completion Andras, Ever Wanderer (original), Samsara the Everlasting (new users)

Random questing dropsEdit

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