Coltia and the Golem


For a while, Coltia simply wailed in anguish. As she was held by the golem, she thought bitterly on her being transported to such a dark and desolate future, the only one spared by the ruin that befell her civilization. Nonetheless the metal giant who had been given a will for the princess's sake alone now swore to her that as long as he had the ability to fight, he would always protect the young woman. Meanwhile Coltia made a different vow: that she would continue to live out her days. She would not waste the sacrifices of her people, and so the two continued to survive.


Added on June 16, 2014 as a part of Grab Bag 4 Card Pack.

Name originEdit

A golem is an artifical human figure in Jewish folklore, created from inanimate materials and given life by the enchanted word Emet ("truth" in Hebrew) written on its forehead. Golems are commonly made from mud or clay, but fantasy writers have expanded this to include many other materials such as metal, wood and stone. The word comes from the Hebrew word gelem which means "raw material".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by songjjang100.

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