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Heroes Colosseo XXXI


When setting up your deck for Heroes Colosseo, there are two main lines to consider: your attack line and your defense line. Similar to Battle Royale, these two lines are composed of five cards who operate at 100% of their power in battles, and which activate skills. Additionally, you have the option of three additional "Support lines", one for each element,which operate similar to your main lines but which specialize only in defending, particularly against the opposite element. Support lines are entirely optional, but you must have a main attack and defense line to participate. How you set your lines up will determine how much success you have in battles.

Main linesEdit

Picking cards for your main lines is much like picking for Battle Royale, in that skill effects matter considerably. However, unlike with Battle Royale, you will most likely need to pick cards for both attacking and defending to do well, since you are required to do both during each battle. As well, unlike with Battle Royale, card stats matter considerably, since you won't have the benefit of a backline to help you. Because of this, when deciding which cards to include in your lineup, you should keep in mind both skill and pure attack/defense, looking for the cards with the best combination of both. More information on skill picking is detailed below.

Skill effectEdit

For more information on skills, see Skills.

When deciding which skills to include in your lineup, you have two options:

  • Boost your own attack/defense
  • Drop your opponent's attack/defense

Which way you go will depend on a variety of circumstances and your general strategy. Boosting your own attack or defense is useful when you have a lineup of particularly powerful cards, as this will allow you to take full advantage of the power of your cards. Dropping your opponent's attack or defense is useful when your cards are a little less then stellar, and is very effective when your up against an opponent with strong cards. Additionally, since players automatically receive a bonus boost to base defense (based on the total defense of the attack line) before battle even starts, drop skills on attack can be very effective in busting through opposing defense lines when your own attack line isn't as effective.

As well, it is also important to consider the nature of battles in Colosseo. Firstly, unlike in Battle Royale, up to five skills can activate for each line in each battle. Secondly, since attacking players always land the first hit (with attack line skills always activating first), they will always have the upper hand in battle. This means that even if your defense line is fully boosted, you will lose if your opponent has five drop skills activate (your defense will be 0 before it can even get boosted).

Fortunately, both the attacker and defender will have the chance to activate their skills. With this being the case, drop skills on defense are very effective in covering this weakness as this means that you can drop your opponent's massively boosted attack down to potentially to 0 as well. Because of this, drop skills are very useful in Colosseo battles, for attack and especially for defense.

Additionally, you also have the option of using skills which affect specific elements, and/or which affect both attack and defense at the same time. Skills which target only one or two elements, such as a boost to your own fire cards, can be very effective in maximizing your potential attack/defense or doing serious damage against your opponent's lineups. However, it is important to note that cards with single or double element boosts generally have lower stats then cards which affect all elements, making your attack/defense potential more limited.

Additionally, when using specific element dropping skills, it is important to keep in mind that you won't know the element of your opponent's cards. As such, specific element drop cards for both attack and defense are generally recommended only for your support lines.

Cards which affect both attack and defense, both boosters and droppers, are also useful in that unlike Battle Royale, these cards really do affect both attack defense. It is important to note that such a card used on attack will provide only a modest effect for defense and vice versa. Despite this, these cards can be very useful in Colosseo. It is important to note that the maximum effect these cards will have is lower than cards which affect only attack or defense. When considered with the fact that these cards generally have lower stats then cards which affect only attack or defense, and one will have to consider carefully whether to include these cards in your lineup (special evolution cards being the exception).

In general, skill picking is a matter of choosing the best skills for the situation, and trying to balance both pure stats and skills. One element boosts may provide the optimal effect, but this is counteracted by their lower stats, whereas all element boosts have great pure stats, but provide less of an effect with their skills. Try mixing and matching different combinations of skills, stats, and even element. Find the combination which suits your style, and make sure to consider the factors discussed above.

Support linesEdit

Support lines are entirely optional in Heroes Colosseo, and many people are successful playing without them. However, those with the resources will find them useful in giving them the extra edge in battles. Do bear in mind that your support lines replace your main defense line, so it is not necessary to have both filled.

Generally, when filling up your three elemental support lines, you should stick to cards of the same element for the line you are using (i.e. fire cards for fire line), since this will give you a bonus boost in battle. Additionally, because your support lines will automatically match themselves up against players of the opposite element (i.e. fire line against forest player), this is where those single element attack drops will especially come in handy. However, do keep in mind that cards of this variety are generally only found at lower power levels, so you will inevitably end up sacrificing pure defense in exchange for a better skill. As well, specific element drops won't be very effective if your opponent uses a mixed element deck. Keep these in mind when deciding to go with support lines.

Event cardsEdit

Though it is not necessary, including an event card which boosts Colosseo points in your deck is a good idea, as this will provide a noticeable boost to your points earnings. This card does not need to be in your main lines, and only needs to be somewhere in your active deck to activate. Keep in mind that these cards work for one event only, so only buy one if you are planning on ranking high.

Common main line setupsEdit

These are some of the most common setups used by players. Please note that there are many more combinations available, and that these are simply meant to provide ideas on possible ways to set up your main line. Because each setup has advantages and disadvantages, many players will often try a mixed approach to gain the benefits of each setup.

Highest attack/defenseEdit

This setup is self explanatory. Simply pick the cards with the highest pure attack or defense, irregardless of skill, and stick them into your main lines. This lineup will provide a monster base attack/defense, with skills that will provide a decent boost to your lineup, or drop to your opponent's lineup. This setup will help counteract bad luck from not having enough of your skills firing off, while also providing a very high damage/defense potential. This setup is most common among Class A and S players.

With this setup, special evolution cards are usually the best, since they usually have higher stats then cards of the same power level. However, they are usually quite expensive and difficult to obtain, with even the best non special evolution cards being quite pricey themselves. As such, this lineup is only recommended for the especially wealthy.

As a variation of this strategy, players in Class S will often select cards with boosts to both attack and defense for attack lines, and drops to both attack and defense on the defense line. Boosts to both attack and defense will allow you to take advantage of a very high base attack for your attack line while also providing a small bonus to the defense, whereas drops on defense help cover up an inherent weakness in defense lines (defense line skills only activate after opposing attack lines when defending). With this kind of approach, picking only within one element will make finding the right cards with both high attack/defense and the right skill very difficult, making skills which affect all elements very beneficial for both attack and defense lines.

Highest boostEdit

This setup is built on having the best possible boosts, with stats only being considered if you have a choice. This means having only one or two element boosts in your main lines for your attack and/or defense main lines. With this approach, you will have a very high damage/defense potential with a deck likely cheaper to obtain then most special evolution cards. However, because you are completely reliant on skill effects, you will be in trouble if some (or even none) or your skills activate in battle, as your base attack/defense will be relatively low.

A notable advantage of this kind of setup is that your lines can be used for Battle Royale as well, saving you some time and resources if you play both events. That being said, some of the best single and double element boosting cards are often very pricey, so considerable resources will be needed with this setup.

All element dropsEdit

This setup is centered around the power of all element drop skills, which when combined with the mechanics of Heroes Colosseo, allow you to potentially reduce your opponent's attack/defense down to almost nothing if all five skills activate on a line. Since the emphasis is on drop skills, stats are something you'll focus on if you have a choice. Fortunately, drop cards in general have above average attack/defense compared with single and dual element boost cards, and are relatively speaking, some of the most affordable cards around since there are a lot of different kinds out there (with a few exceptions such as those of a high power requirement and collector cards). As such, setting up your main lines entirely with drop cards will give you the biggest bang for the buck, and is great for players working with a budget.

However, it is important to note that your damage/defense potential will still be somewhat limited, since you are dependent entirely on your skills for the most part. As such, you will be in trouble if you get a dose of bad luck and your skills don't activate in battle, even with your deck's higher than average stats. As well, because your own deck will receive no boosts whatsoever, you might be in a bit of trouble against opponents who use mainly drop cards in their own main lines, and especially if they use a mix of both boost and drop cards and your own skills don't activate.

Furthermore, despite the economical advantage of using drop cards, keep in mind that drop cards may be rarer for some elements compared to others (for example, water defense cards with drop skills are quite common compared to fire cards), although moving out of your element can mitigate this disadvantage.

List of Ultra Rare cardsEdit

For a complete list of Ultra Rare cards, see Ultra Rare EX.

Because there are endless combinations of different cards one can use in a Colosseo lineup, a list of suitable cards is not included here. To find possible cards you might want to use, go the to above link, go to the list for the element you want to look at, and sort the table by attack or defense. Scroll down and look for the card with the best combination of stats and skill, as well as one that you can afford. If looking for possible support cards, simply sort by skill and scroll down.

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