Claire, Wyvern Knight


"Those who ride dragons are the fiercest of warriors, and those who can't the most captive of slaves." Such was the law of Claire's clan. She feared the servitude from the bottom of her heart, and so she continued to temper her abilities in an endless attempt to escape that fate. As a result of her persistence, Claire became captain of the Wyvern Knights. The young warrior was overjoyed at the news; she was completely unaware of its meaning.


Added on June 1, 2014 as a part of Voyage of Legends 12 Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Claire or Clair is a French variant of feminine name Clara of Latin origin; the meaning is "bright, clear, famous". The name was traditionally considered male, specifically when spelled Clair; however, it is now commonly used as a female name and is usually spelled Claire.

A wyvern, sometimes spelled wivern, is a legendary winged creature with a dragon's head, which may be said to breathe fire or possess a venomous bite, a reptilian body, two legs (sometimes none), and a barbed tail. A sea-dwelling variant, termed the sea-wyvern, has a fish tail in place of a barbed dragon's tail.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Maciej Kuciara.

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