Citadel Watcher Trudr


That stronghold was once home to gods commanding great devotion. Now that they had been forgotten, it was Trudr who kept lone watch over its solemn halls. While there were no longer allies to defend or enemies to repel, still she remembered. Remembered the sight of her lords, surrounded by blessed, holy light. Remembered she had sworn herself to her duty, and that she would be free only when air no longer flowed through her.


Added on December 23, 2014 as a part of Wings of Fantasy 13 Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Þrúðr (Trudr), sometimes anglicized as Thrúd or Thrud, is a daughter of the major god Thor and the goddess Sif in Norse mythology, and also a personification of her father's strength as Þrúðr from Old Norse translates as "strength". Þrúðr is also the name of one of the Valkyries who serve ale to the einherjar in Valhalla. The two may or may not be the same figure.

Additional InfoEdit

Special Skill Card for Skies of Fire Raid Event. Deals up to 1.7 times attack damage before and after evolution at Skill Lvl 10.

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