Chivalrous Knight Princess Lisa


On the far western reaches of Neotellus lies a tiny, fragile country. Though small, its capable forces hold off the repeated invasions from the adjacent kingdom. The beautiful princess of this small territory is Lisa. Dubbed the "Knight Princess", her lovely smile never falters no matter what befalls her and her soldiers. "I want every single one of you to come back alive from our next battle. That's an order!"


Acquired from the 4 Million Downloads Celebration promotion for daily logins, starting July 8, 2013 (Android) and July 11, 2013 (iOS) with the final card scheduled for the 60th day (awarded on days: 1, 7, 20, 40 and 60).

Name OriginEdit

Lisa is a Hebrew name meaning "consecrated of God".

Additional infoEdit

  • The element of this card automatically matches the player that owns it.
  • This card is the first in a five stage evolution.
  • This card cannot be traded.
  • Artwork by NOX.

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