Celestial Wanderer Cyantheus


Perched on a craggy peak near the ruins, Cyantheus observed them from afar. This ape-man had witnessed many a generation, and nad in fact overseen the construction of the sprawling structure that now lay devastated before him. He would forever narbor a special attachment to this place. But recently, his precious ruins had been defiled by a sudden influx of adventurers seeking the "Cursed Blades", and monsters had taken up residence as well. Cyantheus was incensed. "You imbeciles..." he seethed as he observed the interlopers from his lofty perch.


Added on March 20, 2014 during Liquid Swords Odyssy Event.

Additional InfoEdit

Boss in Chapters 15 and 16 during Liquid Swords Odyssy Event.

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