Celbescus, Chosen King


It is said that long ago there existed a powerful army made up of heroes and led by the half-god king, Celbescus. However, there are few who know that he who was able to summon a thousand of the bravest and most reputable warriors to join his cause still lives in the far reaches of Neotellus. For the immortal Celbescus felt tremendous alienation when his comrades had at last all passed away, and so he resigned to carry out his days hidden away in the annals of history.


Added on August 18, 2014 as a part of the Master of Fate 5 box Card Pack. Highest ATK/DEF Ranking Reward Card for 1st (x2), 2nd (x2), 3rd, 4-10th (x2), 11-20th (x2), 21-30th, 31-50th places. Altogether 138 cards for two Ranking Periods.

Name originEdit

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