Cecilie, Asterite Smith


Cecilie cannot remember how many times she has brought hammer to anvil. It was her foster father who took her in and taught her to prove for herself through smithery when she was but a thieving street urchin. Even when he had disappeared, she continued to toil in the heat of the workshop without rest, all to prove her mastery when he returned.


Added on September 22, 2014 as a Card Prize for completing Orb Treasure Set.

Name OriginEdit

Cecilie is a Czech, German, and Scandinavian female given name, a spelling variant of of the English, Finnish, German, Italian, Scandinavian, and Spanish Cecilia; also a derivative of the English and French Cecily. From Latin Caecilia, feminine form of Caecilius, a Roman family name derived from the byname caecus "blind". Popularized by Saint Cecilia, 3rd century Roman martyr, the patron saint of music.

Additional InfoEdit

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