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Legend of the Cryptids Wiki

Of the highest Skills that you can currently have is the Huge Boost. Most commonly you can find it in the cards with Random Boost skill since it started to appear in that way but now days you can find it as a single skill. The Huge Boost gives a 25% increase on attack or defence when boost to All, 29% if its in only 2 elements and a wooping 30% to single element!

When the Huge boost in in either the Amplify skill or the Revenge skill then the boost is different. At skill 10 the boost depending on the number of element cards is 28% for 1 card, 29% for 2 cards, 30% for 3 cards, 32% for 4 cards and 34% if all 5 cards of the frond line are of the specific element .

Enjoy, Odelgard

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