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This Page contains all the cards that have the Drop Skill (Great or Large drop to ATK and/or DEF). That means a 20% (when Great and at sk10) drop in all ATK and/or DEF at the opponents deck. It is considered a better skill than "Great boost to all ATK and/or DEF" because it aplies in all the opponents deck with all the boosts that he has after they are applied thus it is more than just a 20%. Further more if the opponents deck is stronger than your own then it droops it more than it would boost your own.

As an example player A has 100k atk and player B has 100k def. A has a great boost to all atk so his atk increases to 120k. Player B has the choice of 2 cards geat boost to all def or great drop to all atk. If he uses the great boost to all def then his def will become 120k just like the player A's atk but if he uses the great drop to all atk then player B will have 100k def but player A will now have 120k-20%= 96k atk!!!

As a result of the calculations the Great Drop skills are better than the Great Boost skills and the 24% boost on two Elements and it equally cancels the 25% Boost to single element!

Hope that has been usefull

Enjoy, Odelgard

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