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The 60-Day Login Promotion is a recurring login bonus event where players are able to collect 5 base URs which they can special evolve into a powerful UR card. As the event name implies, players have 60 days to collect all 5 URs. So far, all of the 60-day login promos have also included another set of 5 cards to obtain within 60 days after completing another set beforehand.

The first 60-day login promotion was to celebrate 4 million app downloads total between both operating servers (iOS and Android OS). The obtainable cards were (Homecoming) Princess Lisa's Return and (Bequeath) Guard Dragonchild Teluas. Both cards came in the player's element. This promotion ended in December of 2013.

The current 60-day login promotion was brought back due to popular demand. This time around, the cards come in a specific element, rather than the player's element like the two previous cards. The first card is (Mastermind) Mira, Defeating Evil (fire), the second card is (Survey) Finly, Worldy Goddess (forest), and the last card is (Crew) Drescher, Treasure Master (water). Players have 200 (including two 10-day intervals) days to collect all of the cards, but it is unknown if the promotion itself only lasts 200 days.

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