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Cards are the form by which all Cryptids in Legend of the Cryptids take.

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While there are few differences between the three elements, each rarity type differs in power and rarity, with Common cards being the weakest and easiest to get, and Almighty Rare cards being the strongest and most difficult to get.

There are several ways by which cards get stronger:

  • They can be enhanced by sacrificing other cards to raise an existing one's level, and as a result it's stats.
  • As well, they can also be evolved with another copy of the same card in order to reach its EX form, becoming weaker initially but upon being fully levelled, reaching a stronger state than before.

Cards can be obtained through a variety of ways:

Card GalleriesEdit

The following are the site's card galleries, replicas of the in-game galleries:

Android & iOS (after December 2014)

iOS (until December 2014)

Android (until December 2014)

Card ListsEdit

The following are compiled lists available for browsing on this site:

Common and Common EX


Rare EX

Ultra Rare

Ultra Rare EX

Legend Rare

Legend Rare EX

Almighty Rare

Almighty Rare EX

Special evolutions

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