Candy Gobbler Goiva


Goiva, like most goblins, rarely participated in Valentine's Day traditions. They muchly preferred receiving over giving, but they never received anything. That was why everyone in their lair was shocked when a pile of bright red packages appeared by the entrance. However, the stupor was short-lived as their greedy instincts took control, unconcerned whether the candy was left as a prank, on a whim, or out of genuine admiration. They wrestled and scrapped for the sweets as their strangely competitive pride demanded that only one be allowed to enjoy them, and Goiva was especially determined.


Added on February 10, 2016 during the Valentine's Login Promo

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Can be evolved into element of player's choice with the Transcendental Forest Crest, Arcane Water Crest or Menacing Fire Crest.

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