Cadaver Knight Grumbach


The ancient chronicles tell of a fearsome warrior named Grumbach. Mounted on his dragon Hermel, he would strike down all who dared terrorize his homeland without hestitation, even if the aggressor were a god. Grim tales of the ghost-white knight and his silver dragon's inhumane rampage were passed down for generations, yet none realize that he is still alive.


Added on June 8, 2013. Available from the Realm of Survival card pack as a regular draw, and as a reward for defeating the boss equivalent (available after drawing from the pack).

Additional InfoEdit

  • The boss equivalent of this card has 40,000 hit points, and can only be fought using the cards drawn the pack (cards drawn with tickets don't count).
  • This card cannot be traded until after evolving.
  • Artwork by Kekai Kotaki.
  • Animated Version: (Doughty) Cadaver Knight Grumbach
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