Brooch Set

These Treasures may be discovered while questing through the Odyssey Event: Castle in the Sky.
Red Brooch Yellow Brooch Purple Brooch
Blue Brooch Green Brooch Turquoise Brooch
Red Brooch EX Yellow Brooch EX Purple Brooch EX
Blue Brooch EX Green Brooch EX Turquoise Brooch EX
Reward For Completion
Olde Knight Battista
Olde Knight Battista


  • Regular: A brooch containing skyward prayers.
  • EX: A brooch that stops rain and brings sun.

Additional InfoEdit

These treasures are only obtainable from questing in the Odyssey, Castle in the Sky. Discovery of a Brooch or Brooch EX opens the entire set to acquisition or theft via battles with other players who have also discovered at least one of the same set.

Once one of each of the six colors of a single set are in possession, the set locks and becomes a permanent part of your player. There is no way to lose or remove one of each treasure in this set because once locked, Olde Knight Battista is relinquished. The reward card can be picked up at any time from then on, even months after the event has ended.

Regardless of whether the card rewards are claimed, if all six event treasure sets (36 treasures) have been locked and the 100th chapter has been reached before the Odyssey is finished, the Event Completion Ultra Rare is awarded to your presents after a brief animation.

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