Brackish Lake Chironex


Chironex is one beautiful yet poisonous fairy. She lives in a putrid lake and is able to control poison. Constantly immersed in water, she takes advantage of her beautiful limbs in order to entice Cryptids and travelers to join her in the lake. When she has her prey just where she wants them, she releases a deadly poison, leaving them paralyzed.

Name Origin Edit Edit

Chironex is a genus of box jellyfish in the Chirodropidae family. Traditionally, only a single species, C. fleckeri, was recognized in this genus, but in 2009 a second species, C. yamaguchii, was described. Their stings are highlyvenomous, and both species have caused human fatalities. Based on present knowledge, the genus is restricted to the central Indo-Pacific, ranging from to southern Japan to northern Australia.

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