Bloodwing Gillel


Wings of coagulated blood beat firmly from Gillel's back, yet more of the precious liquid would be needed if they were to carry him to the Heavens. That was the trial he was given to test his divinity as an angel, and he was convinced that the gruesome means justified the ends. "These lowly humans should be honored to sacrifice themselves for my cause." Though bereft of his original wings, his hubris had not subsided.


Added on November 26, 2014 as a part of the Master of Fate 8 Box Card Pack.

Name OriginEdit

Gillel is probably a misspelled variant of Hebrew masculine name Hillel, derived from halal meaning "praise". The names Hilel, Hilell, Hillell, Hylel, Hylell, Hyllel, and Hyllell are variant forms of Hillel.

Additional InfoEdit

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