Bird Rider Rowena


When peering into the large round eyes of her Crimson Kingbird, Rowena gave an unusual laugh. "What's wrong, Logi?" she asks. At the sound of his name, Logi gave a melodic cry unsuited for one of his girth. Together, they were searching for a mate for her lonely companion, whose species was on the verge of extinction. Rowena would be greatly saddened if these birds and their glossy red feathers, distinctive chirps, and loping gaits disappeared from the world.


Added on May 20, 2015 as a part of Birth of Mythos Card Pack of Grab Bag series dedicated to the 3rd year Anniversary of Loc.

Name originEdit

Rowena is a feminine name used in English, German, and Welsh. The origin of the name could be from Hrodwyn (Old English), of the Germanic elements hrod "fame" and wunn "joy, bliss" ("fame and happiness"), or else it could be from Rhonwen (Old Welsh), of the Welsh rhon "spear, pike" and gwen "white, fair, blessed, holy" (meaning "slender and fair"), or could be connected to the Welsh word rhawn "horsehair". The name was borne by the legendary 5th century Rowena, the daughter of the Anglo-Saxon leader Hengest.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Yang Mansik.

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